Girl Scouts get tech-savvy with cookie sales

Living in Des Moines, it’s impossible to ignore the hype surrounding Dwolla, a mobile payment system with POS integration that’s taking the Silicon Prairie by storm this year. The DSM Twitter community is fiercely loyal to Dwolla, so much so that many are unwilling to consider the benefits of other payment systems, including Square, an iOS- and Android-compatible (free!) credit card reader brought to life by a team led by Jack Dorsey, creator of Twitter.

Although I’ve had my own Square card reader for about a month now, this past Sunday was the first time I got to see the payment system in action. A friend hosted a group of us over at his apartment’s clubhouse for a movie night and purchased a keg for his attendees; we each chipped in $5 through a quick card swipe via Square and his iPad, received our receipts via SMS, and were ready to enjoy the Honey Weiss goodness. Quick and simple.

Though Square has yet to catch on within a mainstream audience, I was pleasantly surprised to see this tweet from Randi Zuckerberg (marketing director of Facebook and sister of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg):

Some very smart, enterprising girl scouts are at Facebook HQ w/boxes of cookies & @square devices. Making SERIOUS bank.

These Girl Scouts’ innovation has since been covered by AdAge and is gaining buzz around the social media community, and for a good reason — it demonstrates a “new face” of Girl Scouts, consistent with the organization’s focus on STEM initiatives, and supportive of real-world innovation and leadership. I’m a staunch advocate for the growth Girl Scouts of the USA has brought to its organization in the last few years, and instances like this only enhance the organization’s potential to help girls develop into smart, strong young women.

How else can Girl Scouts find revitalization through technology? How can local groups incorporate technology like Square into their everyday activities? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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