30 women changing the tech landscape

The more I read, the more I want to take on “women in tech” as my passion project for 2011. Want to inspire young girls to consider careers in technology? Let them sit down in a room with one of these 30 strong, innovative women. They’re changing life in the present – let’s create opportunities for them to help change the future, too.

Our world needs more women in technology, but that can’t happen until our girls and young women have the resources, programs and mentors they need to nurture their interests and developing skills. There are local and national organizations out there working to help girls find opportunities to interact with technology, but more can be done. I’m just challenged by how to get started.


Two years ago, Fast Company compiled a list of the Most Influential Women In Tech, in part to recognize the challenges that women in technology face—proper recognition being just one of them. We continued in 2010. Our 2011 list highlights 30 women in six categories. All of them bring unique brands of
 thought to their industries, such as Heather Harde (CEO, TechCrunch), Cher Wang (Chair, HTC), Rachel Sterne (CEO, GroundReport), and more. Click through and read on!


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