Brita automates customer service for the digital age

When I purchased my Brita this fall, I signed up to receive email reminders when it was time to change the filter in my pitcher. In exchange for providing Brita with my email address, I received a coupon for $2 off my next filter and had the option to integrate my filter change alerts into iCal.

After receiving my first reminder email from Brita, I’m loving a few things about this service:

  • Instant reminders about something that would easily slip my mind
  • Coupon to make purchasing additional filters more likely
  • Integration with iCal for daily reminders as I browse my calendars
  • Direct link customized to the store where I purchase replacement filters, and info about where to find them
  • Information about how to recycle my old filter

The idea of these reminder emails is such a simple idea, but it answers all my questions in a quick and simple manner. Looking for an easy way to provide unparalleled service to your customers? Take a page out of Brita’s book.


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