The obligatory SXSW blog post

Each March, tens of thousands of Internet folks take Austin, Texas, by storm for the annual South by Southwest Interactive festival. This year, I joined them from March 8-14 for my first SXSW experience, my first visit to Texas and an utterly life-changing seven days.

I wrestled my hundreds of tweets, checkins and photos into a Storify story for the full recap of my week in Austin (and the rest into a Facebook photo album), but because I’m hoping my readers lead much more interesting lives than I lead, I won’t force you to suffer through the social media hailstorm I created through live-tweets of each panel. Instead, a list of a few memorable moments:

Best panels / talks:

Craziest parties:

  • Meeting cowboys at the Computer Blue Party at Rattle Inn
  • Gary Vaynerchuk’s #secretwineparty at Haven
  • Every night at the Driskill Hotel Bar
  • Zya Launch Party at Six Lounge (Nick Cannon!)
  • 3 a.m. dance party at VEVO / NikeFuel Station
Austin weirdness:
  • Grown men in footie pajamas
  • Spontaneous parades on 6th Street
  • Marketers wearing giant blue slices of bread
  • The contortionist at the Copyblogger photo booth
  • Street corner hula hooping

Tastiest food:

  • Torchy’s Tacos with the RecBob team
  • Z’Tejas with new Weber Shandwick friends
  • Asian Fried Chicken at the Squarespace Food Truck
  • The bacon jam (!) at NBC’s TODAY Munchie Mobile
  • Those smoked salmon canapés at the Zya launch

Lessons learned:

  • ABC — Always Be Charging.
  • Downloading that app will not lead to free food or beer.
  • SXSW is not the place to break in new TOMS.
  • The city of Austin will never have enough taxis to accommodate 15,000 inebriated geeks.
  • I must go back in 2013.

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