Friday Flashback: “Setting goals is a good idea for everyone”

During my sophomore, junior and senior years of high school, I had the opportunity to write a biweekly column entitled “Student Voices” for my hometown newspaper, the Rosemount Town Pages, an experience that deepened my awareness of my growing role in my community. There is no online record of this column, just a disorganized three-ring binder of newsprint clippings that I transport from apartment to apartment each time life takes me somewhere new. In the coming months, I will share a column each Friday as a way to preserve this period of my writing, and my self-discovery, on a digital platform.

Almost nine years have passed since I wrote the post below, at a time when the first weeks of school meant hammering out goals for each class and organization and, in my case, obsessing over those goals for the next nine months of the school year. I was single-minded in achieving academic perfection, a pursuit that rewarded “coloring inside the lines” and playing by the rules. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I realized just how limiting that path had been. As I begin to set goals for my new role at Veridian Credit Union, I am thankful to have found a place that gives me the crayons and says, “Draw your own picture.”

“Setting goals is a good idea for everyone”

Date of Publication: September 17, 2004

On Sept. 11, the RHS marching band won first place at Champlin Park’s Rebel Classic competition and was awarded the prestigious title of Grand Champion of the event. As a member of the marching band, I was so proud and excited to have reached our goal at our first competition, but I also knew we still had work to do and would continue to improve.

As students get back to their school year schedules, athletic events begin or continue and activities begin to meet again, we will all be setting goals for ourselves. Some goals will concern what grades we want to earn or what type of involvement we will have in activities. Other goals we set will be with sports teams or academic teams. Still more may include making new friends or improving our study habits from the year before. Each of these goals is as important as the others.

Goals are what motivate students to do their best and to strive towards excellence. They give us motivation even when we have a bad school day or bad practice. Goals encourage us to place improvement among the highest of our priorities. It is so important to set goals — any successful student or athlete will tell you this.

In school, teachers, coaches and advisors do their job by teaching us skills we will use in the future and facts vital to our high school education. It is our job and our responsibility to set goals and apply the skills we learn in order to succeed using the tools our teaches, coaches and advisors give us.

Students, remember to always set goals, whether they concern academics, activities or sports. Setting goals, you are more likely to succeed in high school and beyond.

Have a successful school year 2004-05.

This column originally appeared in the Rosemount Town Pages on September 17, 2004.

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