My thoughts on sorority leadership in The Levo League

Several months ago, I started seeing buzz from the online community about The Levo League, a social network geared toward young professional women. From the moment I joined the site, I fell in love with the concept of the site and the well-connected team producing its content. In addition to sharing exclusive job opportunities and connecting young women with mentors in their field, The Levo League also publishes great editorial content, including a series about the professional benefits of sorority membership. When I saw a tweet calling for sorority women to share their stories for an upcoming piece, I jumped at the chance to join the conversation.

Like the story’s author, I never thought I would join a sorority. My high school experience had revolved around the small group of friends I cultivated through marching band and AP classes, and I had always been more focused on school than my social life. But though my collegiate membership in Delta Gamma was a whirlwind of ups and downs, successes and disappointments, I continue to be astonished by the strong alumnae network I’ve found after graduation. During the months I served as vp: communications for my chapter, our leadership team was eager to push the chapter forward into social media, and I happily led the charge. I’m thrilled to share my thoughts on that experience in the story above — and look forward to continuing the conversation, online and off, in the future.


My feature on the Drake University website

Several weeks ago, a member of Drake University’s┬áMarketing & Communications team asked me to write a piece about why I chose to stay in Des Moines after graduation. I was honored that their team thought of me, but to be honest, I struggled writing this piece. My relationship with this city is so complex — there is so much about Des Moines that I will always love, the parts of this city that forced me outside the college bubble and into the real world. And yet, there’s plenty I would change about Des Moines if I could.

I could write many, many pieces about how being in Des Moines has affected my academic life, my professional life, my social life. But the piece below is a start, and if it begins to address the misconceptions that current and future Drake students have about this city and state — or the misconceptions of young professionals in other cities and states — then I’ll consider it a success. Click the image below to read about how I chose Drake, and how Des Moines chose me.